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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Shirt

Back in 2004, I ran my first marathon. Someone told me to put my name on my shirt so the good people of Chicago could root for me as I ran by them. Since then, I have put something on my shirt for the crowd to respond to in some form or fashion. Some funny, some not so much, some idiotic, some borderline vulgar and of course, the 2008 and 2009 Running for Cru logos. Here's a look back at the shirts of yesterday.

2004 Chicago

Front- Oregon, back - Zabfontaine
The photo is taken from mile 22 or so, chugging my way through Chinatown. Note the Zab headband.

2005 Green Bay

Front- Chicago, Back- Ditka
I had bib number 189. What better way to celebrate former Bear great and number 89 Da Coach, Mike Ditka.

(L to R: Nick, me, Michael)

2005 Chicago
Front - Moustache Love, Back - Zab
I worked a pretty terrible moustache. Not that there is such a thing as a good moustache, even if you prefer to spell it mustache.

Me and Tiffany, with a Jerry Austin sighting in the rear

2005 Las Vegas

Front - RIP Mr. Miyagi, Back - Zab
This may have been the biggest stretch of all the shirts. Miyagi was a Vegas native and died a day or two before the marathon. I'm including two pics because the second shot has always been one of my favorites. Tiffany took it in the last .2 miles of the marathon.

2006 Chicago

Front: Pants Party, Back: C. Monday
Do I really need to explain what "Pants Party" means?

As for Carl Monday, click here and here to find out about him. This shirt also lead to this story on Deadspin about me.

2007 Chicago
Front: Cock of the Walk, Back: G. Frenkle
This marathon sucked. It was damn hot. Damn. Hot. But this shirt was...awesome. For my money, this was one of the best SNL skits ever.

2008 Chicago
Front: Running for Cru logo, Back: CURESMA.ORG
Amazing. If you are newer to this blog or my previous blog, please check this out. To make a long story short, my boss and friend lost his infant baby boy Cru to SMA in September of 2008. In about 4 months, we were able to raise over $33,000 for the Families of SMA organization.

2009 Chicago
Front: Running for Cru logo, Back: Zab
Same set up as 2008. We raised over $9,000 in 2009. And I ran a 3:05 and qualified for Boston. Greatest race of my life.

My friend Chad and me blazing through Chinatown

2010 Boston
Front: Balls on the Table, Back: Zab
Nothing like going for sub 3 at the historic Boston Marathon. Great shirt. Great arm warmers. Great effort, but it wasn't enough as I brought home a 3:03.

The last shot is somewhere around mile 22 if I recall correctly. My mind and legs were both fried at that point.

2010 Chicago

I have a pretty good idea what this year's shirt will say, thanks to the brainstorming power duo of Tiffany and Mary Cantu. It's not set in stone, but it's going to be pretty damn tough to beat. I usually finalize and create the shirt a couple days before the race, so a dark horse candidate could still sneak in. Be sure to check back in regularly over the next two weeks. I'll do my best to get a few more posts up here.


  1. This run is just what the city of Chicago needs.

  2. Ha! Awesome! I had no idea you've always been so creative with your shirts. With Tiffany as a member of the brain storming operation, I expect something pretty darn fantastic. Is Isla going to have a matching outfit?

  3. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Waiting to see "The Shirt" each marathon is almost as fun as watching you and cheering for you. Can't wait for this year's selection!

  4. Ha! Too fun, can't wait to see what you come up with for this one. Awaiting with bated breathe...

  5. Looking forward to seeing this year's shirt!